Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Dresser Redo

I love DIY projects. I love using my hands and mind to create beautiful things for my family. A few weeks ago, that is exactly what promted me to take on this DIY project.

My daughter's room is tiny and awkward, but cute. When we bought this house, we sacrificed space. This house was well within our means, but at about 960 square feet on the main floor of our bungalow, creativity and no wasted space is a must. We have a finished basement, so don't feel sorry for us. Anyways, back to my daughter's room. She had a dresser, but it didn't really fit (it fit, but you couldn't open the door all the way). I have been thinking about a solution for a while, but hadn't found the perfect dresser yet. So when I found a dresser on a local online classified site, I jumped on it. It was ugly, actually I think it was worse that ugly, but I envisioned it finished (or I wouldn't have bought it). It was listed for $5. When I called the owner (who was luckily an immigrant... maybe I should reword uhhh, having difficulty with the English language), I asked a few questions about the quality and mentioned that the hardware was missing, he offered the dresser to me for free. Free is good. It was missing all the hardware, but one knob and, so I didn't feel that I took advantage of him? I was doing him a favour by taking it off of his hands, wasn't I? Anyway, we went and picked it up. I was in pretty good shape and the weather was great, so my painter husband went right at it.
I really want to do the DIY, you know the sanding, painted etc., but my husband voluteered. He cleaned it up using Methyl-Hydrate (I was going to wash it with cleaning stuff and a Mr. Clean Eraser) because it was pretty sticky and dirty. My man has all the tools and supplies, so he wiped (I wiped ith cleaning solution, too - it made me feel useful), sanded and primed. He let me roll the primer on. After it was primed it looked like this:
It looked much better. We let it dry overnight (we brought it inside to dry). After work, hubby gave it a coat of paint. I have no clue what he used, leftovers from other projects. After two coats of paint, some and some cute hardware, it looks like this:
I made my daughter a little dresser mat using the idea from this pattern. I just used things that I already had on hand.

So the whole project, made with leftovers cost us nothing but the hardware, which was a real splurge of $30. If we had driven a little further (10km) to a different hardware store, we could have got the hardware for under $20. Now my daughter's bedroom door opens all the way and we now have a dresser. We inherited her old one because we sold ours (which were too big for this house) before we moved in here.

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  1. The dresser looks great!!My husband had a dresser when we got married, it was red white and blue. I painted that thing so fast, all white, we still have it today, in our school room, the kids use the drawers as lockers.


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