Friday, September 23, 2011

The Week in Review

This week has been crazy, not crazy busy, but crazy. We I have been trying to get back to some kind of normal. It has been a real challenge. Between math and reading lessons, I have made arrangements with a funeral home, emailed with the parish priest, talked to a dear friend living half way across the country, baked, cooked, potty-trained, cried and laughed. Oh, but the one thing that has changed my life this week is 'Pinterest'.

I know that I am little slow at jumping on band-wagons, but when I saw this band-wagon, I knew that I had to jump on. What a novel idea, pinning pictures of things that inspire you, diy stuff, art, anything at all, all in one place that doesn't junk up your favourites bar on your computer. People all over the world have great ideas and you can collect your favourite ideas in one place! Can you tell that I love pinterest? If you haven't already joined, what are you waiting for?If you want to follow me, go right ahead. I don't mind.

I did mention that we did manage to get some schoolwork done. Owen is trying really hard to learn his ABC's. We are doing lots and lots of worksheets. I am a Charlotte Mason type of gal, but he is a worksheet, hands on, don't read about it, let me touch it and make it type of kid. So, ideals are thrown over board to help this little guy finally 'get it'. We are getting somewhere. He actually recognizes some letters and knows their sounds. We are doing lots of preschool stuff, but he absolutely doesn't mind even though he is six and is technically a grade 1 student.
Read, build, write worksheet from
A is for Ark, Annabel (the doll), acorn squash, apple, airplane, allspice, "a" puzzle piece. The scavenger hunt idea is from here.
Get Ready for Reading worksheet from
B is for boy, bunnies, banana, blanket, book, and bear.

B is also for buns. These are made from a grain free recipe that I found on pinterest. insert smiley face.
B is also for bibs. I haven't posted much specifically on living simply, but I really should. We are so short on cash right now, and really desperately need bibs. Do you have bibs that are fraying and falling apart. I have been using the same bibs for 11 years now (most of them are that old). I only have two that are not a wreck. The bibs in this house are so bad that they don't do their job anymore. They are sad and ready for retirement. I have a little stash of nice material that I have bought on sale. Did I ever mention that I never pay full price on non-essentials if I can help it? Btw, our local fabric store has a 'Buy 1, get 2 Free' bin with bold ends and rests. I shop there mostly and on occassion I buy 50% fabric from the quilting section. So, to make a long story short, I raided my stash to make some bibs. I found two patterns (pattern 1 & pattern 2) on pinterest that I really like and morphed the two patterns into these:
I used the pattern from the second pattern and the sewing/quilting method from the first. The second bib is a little bigger, since I was making it for my 19 month old. He loves his new bibs and modeled one of them for me.
To finish the post, I will give you a crossword created by my oldest. He used an online crossword generator to create a crossword for George's Marvelous Medicine by Ronald Dahl. We do alternative book reports for fun. This is our favourite list of alternative book reports.

Answer Key

I hope that you had a productive week. God Bless.

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