Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day of School (posted a little late)

We actually started this school year on Labour Day. This is a little late for us, but condidering all that had been going on, it wasn't that late. We weighed and measured everyone. The kids were surprised at how much they actually grew this past year.

Noah is 58 1/4" and is in Grade 5
Maria is 52 3/4" and is in Grade 4
Owen is 45" and is in Grade 1
Patrick is 32 1/2" and is my cuddle bug / teacher's assistant

This year we are trying something new and doing circle time. I found a really neat calendar learning idea here and new that I wanted to use this for Owen especially. We tweeked it to suit our needs and added some German Calendar wheels to the bottom right of the foam board. The one for the days of the week can be found here and the one for the months of the year can be found here.
The best thing about the first day of school is trying out the new school supplies. New markers are so much fun!
The big kids get to work on their schoolwork. This year the workboxes are working for us. It has made my life so much easier. There is even time for the fun stuff.
It is hard when you have noone to play with.
All in all our first day went well. Today is day 10 and we got a lot more done that I thought we would. We have taken the last few days a little more relaxed, but that is because I needed time to prepare a little casket for our baby's burial. Today we go to the cemetery and take care of the paperwork and will hopefully be able to bury our baby next week. Please keep our family in your prayers that we will soon find a new normal and get back to school and family living.

God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

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