Monday, August 8, 2011

Working the Workboxes - Writing Folders

The other day, I was looking for ideas to include in our workboxes. I found lots of ideas, but there was one in particular that caught my eye. It was a Letter Writing file for the workboxes by Honey Brown. I added a few pages of my own, including a writing assignment page and a workfolder checklist. I put it all together and now it looks like this:
It inspired me to make an essay writing folder for my guys. We worked on essays this past spring using this form. I wanted to use this again, but have a whole workfolder with an assignment page and essay writing ideas at hand. This is what I came up with:
You can download my file. I suggest putting everything into a pocket folder for ease of use. I put all of the pages that are meant to be returned to the file after use on the left and insert all of the consumable papers in the right hand pocket with the task cards. I print the non-consumable pages on white cardstock for durability as well. I add a good handful of scrap and lined paper for the brainstorming and rough copies. This way, I just have to put the folder in my child's workbox. I would love to here what you think and if this activity will be of any use to you. Please check back because I have plans for making writing folders for writing newspaper articles, poetry, book reveiws etc.
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God Bless and have a great day!

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  1. Tina, I would love to link to this activity on my Working the Workboxes article. May I use one photo that will direct link to this post?


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