Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Planning the New School Year

I have a love/hate relationship with planning for the new school year. I thought I was going to unschool, so I put off even thinking about the next school year. It was sometime in the middle of our summer that I realized, we are not true unschoolers. My oldest, especially needs a routine and structure. He feels lost without having some idea of what he is supposed to be doing. My dear daughter would spend all of her time reading books on horses, which is okay, but.... She needs work on her math. My six year old would be a great unschooler, but... I feel that his creativity needs to be channeled so that he can live in peace with his siblings. Then there is the toddler. He is wreckless and energetic and a really funny little guy. I need to plan some activities for him to keep him out of trouble (he is so much like my six year old when he was that age). So I started planning by making a planner. I followed the instructions here. My planner looks like this:

If you would like to use any of my files, please email me. I can't seem to make my word docs in pdf's as I had hoped. I have made most of my own planner pages because I wanted them to suit our needs. Not only that, I wanted Catholic inspired pages with feast days and prayers.

My cover page: Homeschool Planner 2011-2012 (the original is doc file, so this is this nicest and the way mine looks)

I got monthly calendars on this website and spruced them up by adding the dedication of the month on them and putting a corresponding image behind the calendar. These calendars are great because they have all of the feast days listed and everything is colour coordinated according to liturgical season. Email me for a copy of my calendars from July 2011-July 2012. The September 2011 calendar looks like this:

I also included a few prayer pages, pages for curriculum planning and buying, pages for notes and of course 180 days of planning. I have four children, so I modified them to fit my needs. I have a file that is blank for you to add your own childrens' names. You are more than welcome to mail me and I will email you the files that I have made until I figure out how to put them on the public domain.

I wish you could see the planner in real live format. It is actually really nice. But it seems that I am not as technically inclined as I would like to be. God Bless and have a great summer's day.

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  1. Your planner looks great! I made my own this year too, but it's not as "fancy" as yours is. I like how you were able to incorporate our faith into each month.


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