Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home School Plans for 2011-2012

I began my last post a few days ago and just finished it up minutes ago. Blogging really isn't one of my strengths. I will attempt to list our plans for this coming school year. I am excited to be teaching grade 5, grade 4, and grade 1. If you noticed in my planner that I have four names written across the top, that is because I left room for my toddler. I think I will be doing more recording than planning for him. It will be interesting to look back and see what we all accomplished.

Grade 5 Plans

CHCGrade 5 Lesson plans
My Catholic Speller D
Language of God Level D
CHC Writing Workshop
Saxon 6/5
Behold and See 5
Handwriting 5 for Young Catholics

Grade 4 Plans

CHC Grade 4 Lesson Plans
My Catholic Speller C
Language of God Level C
CHC Writing Workshop
Teaching Textbooks 4
Behold and See 4
Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level 4

Grade 1 Plans

CHC Grade 1 Lesson Plans
Little Stories for Little Folks
Seton Grade 1 Readers
Math for Young Catholics 1
Behold and See 1
Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K
Little Folks' Letter Practice
Little Folks' Number Practice

We are going to do Religion/Catechism, History, Geography, Music and Art as a group. I am waiting for a number of ordered materials to arrive to put together a basket for our faith studies.

I decided to not do individual religion texts so that we can study our faith as a family. I have been reading a lot lately and have come to the conclusion that we need to study faith as a family. It is not only practical, but essential. We hope to do a bible study, pray together more and to celebrate more feast days. If we do less individual work and more as a group, I can assign the older children to plan and organize Saints' feast days and holy days for me. They will hopefully learn a lot and make wonderful memories and lifelong connections to many holy people who lived before us. I plan on blogging about this at a later date. Once I have my books, I plan on blogging about my religion basket.

For history we are studying Canadian History. This is really important for our family. Daddy hopes to become a Canadian citizen in 2012. We have to help him study. We are using Courage and Conquest by Donna Ward as our main text. Unfortunately, I have an older version of this book and many of the suggested reads are only available used. I tracked a number of the books down and plan to use the older version and not give in to buying the updated version with suggested reads that are readily available.

Courage and Conquest
Canada: A People's History season 1 and 2 (avail. as DVD's)
Great Canadian Lives: Portraits in Heroism to 1867 (out of print online as PDF)
Kids Book of Canadian History
Discovering Canada Series - avail at the library
The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration
Forts of Canada (out of print)
North American Martyrs

Each child is also expected to read a number of books that I have compiled into age appropriate reading lists. My main resources were Elizabeth Foss' reading lists in Real Living: Eduction in the Heart of the Homeand the Catholic Mosaic reading list. Those reading lists are a whole other post. I will share the grade 4 and 5 reading lists in another post, I promise.

I hope your planning is going well. It is always so difficult trying to figure out what we are all going to be learning and studying. I left room for rabbit trails (our version of unschooling). I like the fact that CHC is light and that you have lots of room to personalize and go off on tangents. I have a feeling that it is going to be another exciting year.

God Bless and thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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