Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summertime Stay-cation

Summer is officially here! Yeah! I love the freedom of summer. Sipping cool drinks on the backyard patio until the sun sets and the smell of the barbeque are all I need for a few months of the year to rejuvenate after the long winter. Did I mention that I love summer?

Where are you going this summer? Everyone makes great plans to go here and there, day-camps, summer-camps, holidays, vacation and the list goes on. People always give me the "Awwwww, you aren't going anywhere." But in all honesty, I love my backyard and that is somewhere isn't it? We also just came home from 'back home' for the funeral of my godfather and spent two weeks on the farm.

I love my backyard. When we moved here in February, I couldn't visualize what potential my backyard would actually have. It was buried under a few feet of snow. I knew there was a patio, but I had no clue how big it was. I couldn't image a garden fitting in the backyard and a swingset, sandbox a firepit and shrubs and all that is there now.
In our quest to live simply, we decided to make our home and yard our place of prayer, work, relaxation and fun. Do we really need to go to an all-inclusive resort to relax? Perhaps, but I personally don't need that. Although, we spent quite a lot on the backyard buying plants (2 rosebushes, 4 current bushes, 5 raspberry bushes, 2 hacksapberry bushes, 2 rhubarb plants, three ornamental bushes, a strawberry plant, a few marigold and pansies, onions and various seeds)and accessories (hoe, shovel, pitch fork, rake, compost, gardening gloves, a few containers, topsoil and pro-mix), it was probably worth less than an all-inclusive vacation for 2 people to the Dominican or Mexico and it lasts longer (hopefully). This year our harvest won't be as bountiful as in the next few years, but it is worth the investment. We bought smaller bushes with a smaller price tag, so we will have to wait. On the other hand, we have already been able to harvest some baby spinach and the lettuce and radishes are soon ready. The pea are climing my climbing apperatice and the bean will be too in a short time. There are plans to buy a few fruit trees as well. We still can't decide if the should be pear or apple. Our winter conditions make it hard for many fruit trees, but if they grow I will have lots of canning to do. Too bad there isn't room for an orchard...

Living simply and gardening go hand in hand. Gardening teaches patience and perserverance, faith and understanding. You must wait for your food, but if you keep everything weeded and watered you will be rewarded. You have to have faith in God that He will provide you with the knowledge and material you need for the success of growing an abundance. He also provides you with the understanding that you are working with Him in providing for the family. I love garden for all of these reasons. I love staying in my backyard and praying. Praying for His help and mercy, praying that a few bees or butterflies show up to aid in pollination (hence the ornamental bushes and flowers).

My backyard also provides the making of happy memories for the whole family. I don't mind a stay-cation in one of the loveliest places on earth (not meant to bragging, just humble contentment)... my backyard.

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