Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayers, Prayers

Do you say your prayers? How do you do it? Do you pray in your room when you get up? Do you perhaps have a special chair?

Over time my praying habits have changed. With little ones, it is often trying to find the time to pray without distraction. I have read that when this happens, you need to also offer up your actions as prayers. Your whole life should be a prayer. But, in reality this is not always easy. Life happens. The baby awakes with a fever, or someone has a bad dream and needs your attention and you didn't even think of praying. This is me. I forget. It has never been a habit. I repeatedly try and fail.

This was not the case while staying at my dear friend's house over the past few weeks. This couldn't happen because the morning offering was posted in the bathroom, easily accessable and present. How can you forget something that is in your face? It wasn't at all offensive to me as a guest, it was a welcome comfort. Everyone has to use the bathroom first thing in the morning, why not hang a prayer or two in there? I never forgot to pray, even when the baby woke up cranky. Now that I am home again, I want to continue praying more. I typed up the morning offering and plan to frame it and hang it in my new bathroom. (Btw, we had it renovated while we were gone).

I am not sure that I mentioned that I love vintage post cards, victorian cards and pretty things from days gone by. I married the two and created what I think is a beautiful display of the Morning Offering for my new bathroom. I actually created two versions, but haven't decided which one I am going to frame and use in my bathroom.

Feel free to use them for your own personal use. Just click on the images below, right click and save as to your computer and print.

Vintage Graphics are from the Graphic Fairy Blogspot.

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