Monday, June 13, 2011

Bathroom Renovated

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike our bathroom previous to the renovation. I hated detested it!

The shower doors were the causing me to go insane. Who ever thought that shower three-door shower enclosures were practical or even nice. It is nearly impossible to bath a little one in the tub with the shower doors always in the way. If you have ever tried, you know what I am talking about. Try getting the baby out without elbow scrapes.

Another problem was that the toilet paper holder was in front of the toilet on the opposite wall. If you have little ones who use the toilet independantly, but have to call because they can't reach the toilet paper, it is not good. Especially when they don't call and choose not to use toilet paper anymore. Do you understand where I am coming from?

We ended up ripping out the shower doors and this left an unsightly mess behind. It wasn't pretty, but what was even worse was the drowning hazard our low tub provided us with. I usually bath the littles together and then the bigger ones bath themselves. It was problematic if they forgot to let out the water. Our baby is very drawn to water and if I forgot to check if the tub was emptied, our little one tried more than once to jump in. It only takes a second. It was stressful for me, especially when you need to help more than one after a bath and can't have eyes and hands everywhere.

So, we saved up some money, watched the sales and started gathering all of the supplies to make our bathroom beautiful and practical. The contractor came the day we left for Ontario. When we came back, we were blessed with a beautiful, practical and SAFE bathroom. Did I mention that this is our only bathroom? I love it. We did hire out someone to do the actual work, but it was our design and we chose the materials. All in all, we spent about $4000 including labour. It was well worth the money spent and it will last a lifetime
long time, we hope.

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