Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Day Nature Walk

Easter came and I didn't blog. Divine Mercy Sunday came and I didn't blog. It seems that when the whole world is blogging, I am with my family with blogging at the bottom of my priority list. Do you people write ahead and just have the posts show up on the day? How do you find the time to blog on such special days? I am not judging, just curious. I can't seem to get organized enough to knock many items off my to do list, let alone blog.

Easter Sunday was spent at a dear friends place. The kids hunted for Easter Eggs while the adults enjoyed a lovely brunch. It was nice to not have to plan the event and to just show up and enjoy. It was a lovely day.

Divine Mercy Sunday was another cool, but beautiful day. We decided to venture out after Mass and lunch to somewhere in the city that we had never gone before. I did a quick internet search and looked up some parks in our city. Our plan is to visit as many as possible within close driving distance (the city is huge and it takes nearly an hour to drive to some of the parks) during the next few months. We opted for the William Pearce Water Conservation Area.

We were greeted by Prairie Dogs. I unfortunately couldn't get a picture of them. They pop in and out of their holes so fast that it was impossible to get a picture. We walked along the paths and marveled the fact that it is already May and spring hasn't really sprung yet. That is normal here and so is the white stuff in May. So far, so good, no white stuff.

It was nice just going for a nice walk. We have been so busy with the baby and then the move, that we haven't been out doing fun stuff. Spare time was used for errands and fixing up things and unpacking and etc. I am looking forward to a summer with my kiddos, a book in tow, (as if I will get to open it) the odd cup of coffee and kickin up my heels and relaxing. I haven't done that in years.

We pleadged not to buy any seasons passes this year. We love the zoo and Heritage Park especially, but they aren't in the budget this year. Even if we somehow have the money, I really want to opt out of the purchase. It is not that I don't feel that they have value, but rather that I want to discover some of the free options our city has to offer. Not only that, we spent a little money on our backyard and plan to spend most of our summer there. I will post about that later, if I can. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the picture of our nature walk.

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