Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All About Me Essays

A little while back, I mentioned that the kids were learning how to write simple 5 paragraph essays and that they wrote an essay about themselves. We used the model provided on Primary Education Oasis to learn the process of writing essays.

My ten year old son wrote:
An Essay All About Me

Crunch, Crunch! My All About Me bag is open. Out I pull three things: a pot holder, a Lego figure and a pack of drawing pencils. Each item says a little about me, Noah.

A pot holder represents the cook in me. I love to cook. I cook a lot, but sometimes my food doesn’t turn out the way I would like. When I cook, I make a tremendous mess. This upsets my mom, especially if she just cleaned the kitchen.

Second, I have a Lego figure. Why you may ask? It is my favourite toy. I can spend hours building Lego. My favourite Lego theme is Star Wars. I think the Lego people should come up with Tron Lego. Mom and dad are even planning a Lego themed birthday party for me.

Last, but not at all least, I have a pack of drawing pencils. Drawing is my favourite way to spend my spare time when I am not cooking or playing Lego. My sister calls me an ‘artist’, but I think she can draw way prettier than me. Can you believe that I can fill an entire sketch book in a week?

Now that you know a little about me, I can close my All About Me bag. I want to know more about you. What three things would describe you?
My eight year old daughter wrote:
An Essay All About Me

Crinkle, crackle! That’s the sound of my All About Me bag. In it are three things that describe me: a horse, a pair of sewing scissors and a prayer book. I will tell you why they describe me. Is everyone ready? Alright.

I have a horse in my bag because I have lots of books about them. I really love horses. My favourite horse is the Halflinger. Someday I want to ride one.

The second thing in my bag is a pair of sewing scissors. I like to sew presents for my brothers for Christmas. I hope to sew lots of nice things to put in a hope chest.

Lastly, there’s a prayer book. I put this in my bag because I love praying and talking to Jesus. Prayer is a bandage for your soul, it makes the damage from sin whole again.

Crinkle crackle! That’s the sound of my All About Me bag closing. Now you know a little bit about me. I just wonder what you would put in your bag.

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