Monday, April 18, 2011

Writing Essays - My Feeble Attempt

As a home schooling mom, I often come to the point where I just don't remember how things are done. Luckily, others know how to explain things and write about them on the internet.

Next month, we are having another visit from our facilitator. She visits us two to three times a year to check on the childrens' progress in their studies. She also writes report cards for them. We are expected to hand in a writing assignment at each visit. This coming visit, the kids are expected to hand in essays.

Do you remember how to write an essay? Did you write essays in grade three and four? I don't remember anything. I had a few resources on hand, but they seemed far too complicated for younger kids. I did a little research and found a how-to on Five Paragraph Essays. It also linked to this graphic organizer.

My writing is a little rusty, but I thought I would try to write a little essay anyway. My five year old can't write yet, but he really wanted me to write an essay about him. The above mention article gave an example of an essay. It was an article based on three items placed in a paper bag. Each of these items were used to describe and the thesis topic, which was 'An Essay About Me.' I promted my little guy to put three items in the bag that best describe him. It was really cute watching him figure out what to put in the bag. Nonetheless, he found three items, put them in his bag and showed them to me. This is what I wrote...

An Essay All About Didi (that is his nickname)

Crumple, crumple! This is the sound that Didi's All About Me bag makes as I take a peek inside. Well, I couldn't have chosen three better things to describe Didi: a brio train, a piece of Lego and a toy moving truck. He whispered quietly into my ear exactly how each of these things describe him. Listen carefully.
First, Didi chose a toy train. Didi loves to play with his Brio tracks, building bridges and via ducts all over the rec room floor. He even revealed to me how much he loves to ride trains and to watch them in movies like the ones with Thomas the Tank Engine
Second, I pulled a piece of Lego out of Didi's bag. I think that I can safely claim that Lego is Didi's all-time favourite toy. Not a day goes by without some stupendous creation made by him: Star Wars ships, Titanic-like boats or something extra made for his little brother to destroy.
Lastly, Didi included a toy moving truck in his bag. At first, I thought he was using it to show how much he loved playing with dinky cars. If that is what you thought too, you are undoubtedly mistaken. he added a moving truck to represent the times he has moved from one place to another. He was born in Germany and had moved within Germany twice before moving to Canada four years ago. And since then, he has moved moved again just recently. Hopefully, the moving truck won't be a recurring object in years to come.
I hope that you got to learn a little about Didi, the rough and tumble, play hard, die-hard fan of trains and Lego, who hasn't forgotten where he has come from. I can't wait to see the next train layout or Lego thingamajig that Didi is going to make. If you are interested, I am sure that he would tell you many tales about his adventures moving from here to there. In the meantime, I will close his bag and ponder what a cool kid he is and what he may someday be.

God Bless and happy essay writing to you all. I would love to hear about your childrens' attempts at essay writing. Hopefully, I have time to publish the other kids' All About Me essays on here.

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