Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Love Books

Do you love books?

I have always loved books. I love where a book can take you and what it can teach you. I love wonderful story books, cook books, diy books, books about the faith, diaries of others, books that advise, books that make you cry and the ones that make you laugh. I especially love the "Good Book". My love of books has influenced the children. They love books, too.

The picture above is typical of what we call "book-look time." It is the special time before the lights go out. Sometimes I read, sometimes they read and other times we just look at the pictures.

Can you ever have enough books? Probably, the one and only book you need is the Bible. I could never have enough books. I am a sucker for buying books, just ask my husband. I don't buy just anything, though. I am picky and discerning. I try to buy only what we need and borrow the rest from the library. It is difficult sometimes, but I try.

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