Monday, April 11, 2011

Simple Renovation

The kitchen in our home is tiny humble. There aren't very many cupboards to say the least. I want to live simple, but I have to be resonable, too. I haven't much room for anything in my cupboards, so we needed to get inventive. I searched the internet for ideas on open shelving and storage. The truth of the matter is that I have a lot of kitchen stuff. I sold tupperware when my second child was the baby and she is eight now. I did this to help pay the bills. Most of my tupperware was free (not really, I had to work for it) and some of it I won for selling really well. I wasn't the best salesperson, though. I couldn't sell people stuff they didn't really need. That is a whole other story.

Back to my kitchen which looked like this when we bought it...
These are the after pictures without the table. (I had to move the table for the last picture) The bench is made of two upper cabinets, a 2x4 frame and three 5/8" x 6" boards on top of the cabinets. I made a seat cover out of an old bedspread. The kids love sitting on the bench and I love the storage.
Did I mention that my dear husband is a journeyman painter and that he worked for a while in construction? It sure comes in handy when I need something fixed around the house. A fresh coat of paint, a shelf here and there and a house becomes a home.

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