Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Favourite Sponsorship Program

Do you sponsor a child? If you do, how did you choose which sponsorship organization?

We sponsor. Sponsoring a child was a thing we started doing out of thankfulness to God. We started sponsoring a child in Bolivia our first Christmas here in Canada. It was an unbelievable feeling to know that one can truly help with so little. We had always felt the pinch. Money was always an issue. There never seemed to be enough. We lived paycheck to paycheck. Nothing has really changed. Life is still that way for the most part. The only difference is that we make someone else who has even less a priority. Do we need the latest dvd, toy, etc.? I used to think that we couln't afford to sponsor a child becase we already had so little compared to others in our community. I was wrong. Anyone of our financial status can sponsor. Even though things are tight, they are never that tight. If we can pay $31 for dog insrance, then we can sponsor another child for $33. Do we really need dog insurance? Afterall, it is just a dog, right? Isn't a human life more important than that of an animal? We think so, sorry Daphne. So now we sponsor two children. You can, too! I can tell you where.

We sponsor through a Catholic sponship program called Chalice. It is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was important to us that we sponsor through a Catholic program. None of the money we send goes to unethical family planning methods as some other popular programs out there. I love the fact that the money not only goes to the child, but to the community. Didn't someone say that 'it takes a village to raise a child?' They also have a great gift catalogue that you can purchase chicken, goats, mattresses and other necessities from. The items are purchase in the village where the items are needed. This boosts the local economy and helps families become self-sufficient, more comfortable and are most importantly given dignity. I hope you will go their siteand see if you can sponsor a child.

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