Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Home School Resources

We are a very fortunate home school family. We live in a province where home school studies are funded. Each family receives funding for each child that is enrolled in a "home" school with a home based learning school. The amount you receive depends on the school you are enrolled in and the amount of studies you choose to align with the province' curriculum. If you align a subject, you must meet the province' requirements for that subject for that particular grade level. They have outcomes that you are required to meet.

Although we receive funding, I try to use it for more expensive items like printer ink, art supplies and the more expensive books. I like to find a variety of free resources online to supplement the books I have purchased. There are a number of great websites with complete unit studies, lap book printables, copywork and projects. One such site that I like in particular is
That Resource

It has tons of printables, lessons plans and great ideas on how to enrich your home school. Two great resources that have been recently shared are one for Lent and one for Easter.

Lenten Study on the Via Dolorosa
Easter Study on the Via Guade!

I will share free finds as I come across them. You can't get any cheaper than that. God Bless and thanks for stopping by.

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