Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Paschal Candle

I have been wanting to make an Easter Paschal Candle. I was looking at the ones at Catholic Icing and knew that I should make one. The only problem that I had was making one without spending any money. I have been looking for cheap candles at the Dollar Store, grocery stores and other low end department stores. The cheapest candle I found was about $4.00 for a short stubby candle. I left the stores knowing that I had to find something cheaper or I wouldn't be making a Paschal candle. Today I stumbled upon some Easter Candles on a vintage clip art blog called The Graphic Fairy.
Photo Courtesy of The Graphic Fairy

They used votive candles like ones that I had on hand. The only problem that I had was the fact that they were typical Easter candles and had nothing to do with Christ. So I prompty googled some more until I found a printout that I could use. Here is the one from Homeschool Goodies. There is a link to template that I used.

If you want to learn more about the Paschal Candle, there is an excellent explanation on A Catechist's Journey.

Here are the candles that I made. I had all of the supplies on hand and made these for virtually nothing. I am really happy to have a Paschal candle that I can light ever night at dinner for the 50 days of the Easter season.

God Bless and have a blessed Triduum and Easter. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Dear Tina Marie,These are a lovley idea and so good for the children to use.You did a great job and thanks for sharing the ideaHave a blessed and Holy Easter ( Easter day here today)God BlessGae


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