Monday, December 6, 2010

On Santa's Knee

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!

We aren't doing anything out of the ordinary today. The kids got a little something yesterday for the feast of Saint Nicholas. Their German cousins had already gotten their treats, so we made an exception. Dad was home and we wanted him to be there. Each child was given a new book.

After Mass, brunch and Mia's choir practise, we went to one of our favorite stay-cation destinations: Heritage Park. We learn something new every time we are there. Did you know that it was the Germans who had the first artificial Christmas tree? We learned that yesterday. They had a trivia quiz at the park. You had to go to various buildings to answer questions, collect check-marks and ultimately recieve your prize for participating; a candy cane. It was fun and educatiional.

Afterwards, we visited and pet Santa's reindeer and then went to visit Santa. Did I ever mention that my kids have never sat on Santa's knee. It isn't a tradition in Germany. Saint Nicholas comes on December 6th and the Christkind (Christ Child) comes on the 24th. In the years we have lived in Canada, we have never gone to sit on Santa's knee. The malls always have such long line-ups and they want you to buy pictures. So we avoided it until now. Yesterday we could sit the children on Santa's knee, snap a picture ourselves and then go on about our business. So that is what we did. Unfortunately, Paddy was sleeping the whole time we were at the park, so he didn't sit on Santa's knee or see the reindeer. Suse's Kinder Coat and my Ergo Carrier sure come in handy. I felt sorry for those littles in their strollers. They looked so cold. The wind was really sharp.

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