Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Gifts - Totes

I love making Christmas presents. If it were up to me, all Christmas presents would be homemade. I hate the commercialism around Christmas time. Not to mention the fact that homemade gifts show that you truly care. You wouldn't spend hours of your precious time making gifts if you didn't truly love or care about the recipient, would you? I try to instill the art of homemade gift giving into the hearts of my children. Each year I ask them what they would like to make for their sibblings within their realm of talents. Of course, the aspirations are beyond their scope of talent or our purse strings, but I love hearing the ideas. I then funnel their ideas into conceivable and do-able present ideas. The two oldest are pretty proficient on the sewing machine. Last year, there was an apron and a few pillow cases sewn and a few treasure boxes made.

This year I quilted tote bags for my German niece and nephew. I used paper foundation piecing for the first time. I used their initials, M & L for the front and a star for the back. I added coordinating borders, machine quilted, added a lining and then straps. I think they turned out pretty good.

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