Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Were Blessed By the Bishop

I should not boast, but it is always special to see the Bishop. I feel like it is something so special, that I am always sad when I miss an opportunity to see him. Our Bishop is a special man. Most Bishops are, I'll give you that.

This evening the Bishop came to our parish to bless all of the children who received Sacraments in the 2009-2010 school year. Two of the children received Sacraments, so we felt that reason enough to attend. Of course, a number of school trustees were there, numerous parish priests, the Knights of Columbus in royal garb, school teachers, principals, families and all were present. Even though we "home school", I felt that we should be there, at least some of us. The two oldest just started karate classes, so I let them go to karate and attended with the two little boys. I cherish the time with the little guys so much. A five year old is so funny on such occasions. Since the Bishop was wearing white vestments, I was continually asked if he was the Pope. The Knights of Columbus men were mistaken for real "knights", you know the kind that live in a castle. Anyway, you get the picture. Comical but just as Jesus would have expected. Child-like innocence.

He (the five year old) insisted that we spend some time with the Blessed Sacrament. Of course, I obliged. I love spending time with Jesus. But remember, a five years old's prayers are short, so I must pray fast and to the point. Everyone else was gathering around in the foyer to speak to the Bishop and get their pictures taken with him. Smart me, I remembered the camera. My shy little five year old and I got our picture taken with the Bishop. That was all he talked about on the way to pick up the "kids" from karate. "Don't tell the kids, I want to tell them that I got a picture with the Bishop." He always calls them "the kids". He also picked up one of those rubber arm bands in his sister's name because only the kids who received sacraments got one. He was offered one for himself, but he told the priest who was handing them out that it was for his sister because she received two sacraments. He told her all about it as soon as we picked her up. God is so good.

Little Owen loves Jesus so much and I absolutely adore his child-like innocence. I hope he never loses it. I really need to scan in his spontaneous sketches of the Sacred Heart, Rosaries and churches and share them with you. Please remember to pray for him and our whole family that God may always keep them close to his heart and perhaps choose one or all of them to have vocations. God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

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