Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rosaries on a Journey

As mentioned in earlier posts, our family are members of the Totus Tuus Rosary Making Association. It sounds really official, I admit, but it is an amazing group. Our group made and distributed over 37,000 rosaries last year. We play a very insignificant part. We never seem to make as many rosaries as others in the group (some bring in grocery bags full). We attend group meetings less regularly than others do and we are not the prayer warriors that we would like to be. Nonetheless, we are members. The children especially love going to "Rosary Group" every Tuesday morning. They love to hear the stories about where the rosaries have been sent and see the pictures of them being distributed in Africa, Mexico and other remote areas of the world. The children work hard trying to learn the special knot used to make the rosaries. They are doing Our Lady's work here on earth. Even if we do not make the most rosaries, or pray the most, I hope that Our Lady will always hold us close to her heart. I hope that the children will remember when they are all grown up and have busy lives of their own, to pray the rosary and to promote it wherever they go. Right now, they just enjoy the atmosphere of the group and help where they can. This past Sunday, two of the children helped to sell rosaries after mass.

Last week, we were able to send 300 of the rosaries made with a dear friend Br. Paul on his journey across Canada. I know that Our Lady will see to it that they come to those in great need. I can't wait to hear from Br. Paul whom we gave them to and here about where the rosaries went. Please pray for Br. Paul on his journey for his safe arrival in Nova Scotia and for his spiritual journey as well. We were very fortunate to take a picture with him on his short visit with the Mary-Mobile and the rosaries.

If you are in need of rosaries or know of someone who is on a mission in need of rosaries, please let me know. I will pass your information along to the group coordinator. It doesn't cost you a penny. Please also pray for this apostulate. Continued prayers are needed for the success of this group. Success is not measured in dollars and cents, but rather in distributing rosaries to everyone who wants and needs one. These rosaries may be the only rosaries that some people will ever own.

Please pray the Rosary often.

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