Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of Summer Woes

I believe that summer has officially ended here. I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow. I don't know where fall went, but winter seems to be upon us. Really?!? It is only the middle of September. The weather has been chilly here all week and really soggy. The kids don't want to play outside and I don't really blame them. We have been plugging away at another week of school work and find ourselves right in the thick of things. I believe that my plans for school this year were a tad bit more than ambitious. We enjoy everything for the most part, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do it all. We have a freshly painted school room and some great new supplies, a new organization system and co-operative children, so what could go wrong? Well, everything and nothing. I think the kids are getting a great education regardless of my expectations. We learned about the Rosetta stone and wrote some awesome sentences in our guided writing, learned about the properties of matter and finished a few cool art projects amoung many other things. Actually, writing things down helps me realize that we did do a lot this week.

We can also see that it is no longer summer, when the Fall Fair has already come and gone. This is the first year that the children have participated in the Heritage Park Fall Fair. I made finishing their entries a part of "school". It was mandatory. I entered them in categories that I knew we could easily finish under the time contraints that a demanding baby and learning to cook and eat grain-free would allow. In total, the kids took part in 13 categories. Everything from soap-carving, drawing self-portraits, painting without a brush to making Christmas tree ornaments. The children placed in 11 of the 13 categories. The little guy even won the best of his sub-section for his entry of his marble painting. That won him a special ribbon, a Dinosaur Train dvd (we never watch it on tv and he happens to be a huge dinosaur fan), a book, a soft football, a pin from Country FM that lights up and blinks and 4 entrance tickets to Calaway Park. We still have to pay for one ticket, but those tickets save us $75 + GST. You can believe that we were quite proud of our little bunch. Here are pictures of some of their entries...

Owen's Potato Print
Owen's Marble Painting
Maria's Potato Print
Maria's Potato Self-Portrait in 1905
Noah's Soap Carving - Wolf
Noah's Christmas Tree Ornament

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