Saturday, June 5, 2010

When Kids Can Cook

I absolutely love that my kids love to cook and bake. The mess they make while cooking can really be trying on my patience. They do clean up after themselves, don't get me wrong, but watching them make mistakes or messes is still hard for me. I learned very early on in my marriage to be patient when I am not doing the cooking. My sweet husband wanted to learn how to cook, but made it very clear to me that if I didn't back off, he would never cook for me. I backed off, bit my tongue and only offered tips or advice when absolutely necessary. I remember making my own mistakes while learning to cook and bake. I burnt a number of things and even made a cake once that I accidentally omitted the flour from. I want to share what I learned to make others' lives easier, but I sometimes come across as all-knowing.

For the record, I am not a good cook. I cook what my family likes, but I am sure that I would be ridiculed on any one of the Food Network shows that I love. I would be the first to be "Chopped" for sure. I cook as wholesome as it gets without it tasting gross. Do you know what I mean? Cooking healthy still has to taste good.

I used to bake most of our bread, but since going gluten free, bread is sparse in our house. We have become quite adventurous in creating alternative meals. I guess since becoming gluten free, we have all taken a closer interest into what lands on our plates. It sure sparked interest in my oldest two to try out these new found foods. My oldest loved bread. He has celiac disease, so going without was really hard. He doesn't feel sorry for himself because he can make his own bread sticks, pizza dough, crepes, bread and muffins. Cooking is definitely a subject in our home school. Noah & Mia surprised me with some homemade pizza one day for lunch. They made everything from start to finish, even the yeast dough crust.

Do your kids cook? How do you deal with the mess? Do you have a favourite gluten free recipe that you want to share with us?

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