Monday, May 17, 2010

The New Sandbox

Daddy is pretty handy with his hands. I love having a handyman for a husband. His day job is painter and he loves his job, but when we first moved to Canada he had to work in construction. Since then, he has gotten more confident with a skill saw in hand. This past weekend, we had lovely weather and daddy was busy fixing our front and back gates that were always a nightmare to open and shut and fixing up the kids bikes. He also built a flower box to replace an old damaged one.

A few weeks ago (before our spring snow), daddy built an awesome sandbox. I was so busy with the baby, that I haven't had my hands free to blog. It was a two day project from the magazine Backyards for Kids. On a limited budget, our full sun backyard needed something for kids and provide shade. Our garden hasn't been as successful as I had hoped, so daddy and I ripped it out to make room for the new sand box. This is the end result... I love it and it has been home to the kids after school work is done for days now. Since it was built, daddy has built a gang plank, which is not seen on these pictures.


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