Monday, May 17, 2010

Paddy is Three Months Old

Where has the time gone? The first few months were a little rough, but things are going a little smoother now. My darling is three months old! He is smiling and laughing a lot and loves interaction with his older siblings. Nursing him is much easier now and he is even starting to get chubby in all the right places. For the longest time, he wasn't gaining enough weight. The doctor didn't seem too concerned, since he was quite alert and had a beautiful skin colour and tone. He is an easier baby now. He still co-sleeps (something I had never dreamed of doing). It is not that I was against it, I just never felt comfortable doing it. The older kids always slept in their bassinets or cribs. Paddy loves to sleep in our bed and refuses to sleep elsewhere at night. During the day he sleeps in our arms or if we are lucky, in the stroller. The new stroller has been a "God send". It frees me up to get a few things done or a meal on the table. It isn't the ideal sleeping place in my mind, but I am thankful for 20 minutes of babylessness here and there. I love holding him, don't get me wrong, but 24/7 is a little much. So now here are some pics of our three month old...

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