Friday, April 16, 2010

D is for Dog and for Daphne

I think we are crazy and you will probably agree when you see what we have done. We brought a puppy home yesterday. Yes, a puppy. She is 11 days older than Patrick our baby. Her name is Daphne and she is a Shih Tzu - Poodle cross. She is active and fun loving as all puppies are. She is learning to be house trained and sleeps a lot. She whined a lot last night, but that is because we are kennel-training her. Some people think this is cruel, but we are of the opinion that this is better for the dog in the long run. That is her safe haven. If we ever want to travel with her, we won't have to kennel-train her then and she will feel a sense of security. If ever there is a fire, we know where she is and can get her or tell the fire dept. where to find her. Not only that, right now we are so tired that we hardly hear her (because of the baby) and she doesn't whine constantly. She is like having another baby, but we figure by the time she is through the worst of puppyhood, Patrick will be a bigger and happier baby. Not only that, she will be a long time companion of the children. After Billy our poodle had to be put down last fall, we have been talking about getting another dog. We got Billy when he was 6 and couldn't break all of his habits. We hope to instill good manners in Daphne right from the beginning. The extra work right now will be totally worth it in the long run. Who couldn't resist this face???


  1. I can't! Take more pics of her face. WHat an adorable puppy and happy little girl!God bless.

  2. yup you are crazy LOL!! We've thought about it here too.. but we got off the hook when my sister's little baby was born severly allergic to dogs. I grew up with a Golden Retriever and loved having a dog around though. They are such nice companions.Have fun with her!

  3. Daphne is hypo-allergenic and doesn't shed.


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