Monday, March 29, 2010

Stations of the Cross Box

Last week, I was reading several blogs trying to get ideas on how to make Holy Week more meaning. One thing I found, was a box for learning the Stations of the Cross. I saw this on a few blogs. I decided that we should make one, too. Owen has put this box to a lot of use ever since. It is amazing how quickly a four year old can understand and memorize the Stations with this kind of a tool.

First we found a small shoebox and decorated it with the Stations of the Cross from We decorated the top packing taped everything to make it durable. We printed out the Stations of the Cross cards from the pdf file here. We gathered objects to represent each station and voila, we had a Stations of the Cross box.

Our list is as follows:

First Station - piece of leather to represent the rope used for Jesus' arrest
Second Station - wooden cross
Third Station - bandage with the #1
Fourth Station - statue of Mary
Fifth Station - cutout of a hand with the inscription "helping hand"
Sixth Station - picture of Jesus' face
Seventh Station - bandage with the #2
Eighth Station - tissue
Ninth Station - bandage with the #3
Tenth Station - purple piece of felt
Eleventh Station - Nail
Twelfth Station - Crucifix
Thirteenth Station - picture of the Pieta
Fourteenth Station - rock

To look at some other Stations of the Cross boxes and for more ideas follow the links:

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Also to come... post on Resurrection Eggs.

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  1. Dear Tina Marie,I am so thankful you left a comment today. I was trying to remember your blog name and find out about your dear little baby.I am hopeless unless I link to the blog.So I have fixed that today.I love your Stations box. It is o professional. I pray you enjoy using it.God Bless


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