Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gifts for Baby Brother

We are getting ready for baby in every way possible. This morning, before school I began cutting squares so that the kids could make gifts for their baby brother. These are special handmade baby blocks with a personal touch. I got the pattern here. I have tons of scraps, that all seem to be green. On two sides, the kids were able to personalize the baby blocks with fabric markers. Their little baby brother is going to have so much fun. They make great balls (which they are tossing around at the moment). Here are some pictures of the process....

and the finished products...


  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! And wait a minute - did you say little BROTHER! :)

  2. Yes, we are awaiting another boy! My oldest boy constantly reminds us that he remembers seeing a mushroom at the ultrasound appointment. My daughter cried at the ultrasound appointmnent because she desperately wanted a little sister. She doesn't mind so much anymore, but hopes that we won't wait too long to try to give her a little sister.


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