Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few More Diapers for the Stash

I must admit, that my diaper sewing is not going all too well. I have six weeks until my due date, but feel the pressure to get everything done. I am such a procrastinator and very indecisive. I finally figured out which patterns I wanted to use and what materials I could afford. It is really hard to make decisions when you are strapped for cash. I want to make good quality diapers for little cash. There are many opinions on the perfect pattern, best materials, whether hook and loop tape or snaps, diaper pins or snappies are best. All-in-ones, pockets, fitted, prefold, flats, wool soakers, pul wraps and many more diaper lingo to learn. Not to mention the acronymns TT, CD, AIO, AI2 etc. I am just beginning to recover from the mass confusion in my head. After deliberation with my CD (clother-diaper) experienced husband we decided to make:

Shar's Newborn Umbilical Scoop Pocket Nappies
Wee Weka Fitted/Pockets S-M-L

Here are a few of the NB (newborn) diapers that I have sewn thus far. I have a few more than on the picture, but you get the idea. The diaper on the left will get snaps, but is pinned shut for the photo.

The left diaper is made of an old flannel duvet cover and there is a soaker make of 6 layers of flannel. The diaper on the right is made of diaper flannel which I got on sale for $2/meter just after Christmas. These are not sewn like in the pattern, they are fitted and not pocket diapers with a sewn in soaker. I hope they fit for a few weeks at least.

On the bright side, I have 20 diapers cut for the S-M-L sized diaper out of diaper flannel and flannel pieces that I bought for next to nothing. The local fabric store has a "end-of-roll / scrap" bin that is priced to sell: buy one, get two free. I need to sew another 13 soakers which consist of two layers of terry (old towels) and two layers of flannel. These will be sewn as fitted diapers as well. I intend on buying some microfibre towels and sewing them in thirds inside flannel to make doublers for those diapers, but it will take me a while before I get to that. I will post pictures as I progress.

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