Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stockings for the Feast of Saint Nicholas

The feast of Saint Nicholas is in three days. As a German-Canadian family, we have always leaned toward the German celebration of this saint's feast day. I have been gathering activities from the Saint Nicholas Center. There are numerous activities, colouring pages and recipies appropriate for celebrating this wonderful saint. This year, I let the oldest two kids help make St. Nicholas stockings. I found this easy pattern. I don't have a fancy sewing machine with embroidery stiches, so I straight stitched the edge, leaving raw edges. They look charming anyway. I ordered a few things from the Saint Nicholas Centre to stuff the stockings with. We don't do presents on Saint Nicholas, but typically fill a stocking (or a shoe) with little goodies and prayer cards etc. I am planning on decorating some Saint Nicholas cookies that I baked the other day using one of the cookie cutters on the website. We also like to read stories about Saint Nicholas. A definite favourite is The Miracle of St. Nicholas.

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