Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent in Our Home

I have been taking a little break from blogging in the hopes of keeping Advent holy and secretly hoping to finish week 18 of Seton Home School curriculum before Christmas break. Week 18 marks the half way point of the school year. We hope to get the 3rd quarter done before our baby arrives and have been ploughing through the school work and have been sticking to our schedule more than less.

Otherwise, we have been trying to include feast days in our schedule as well as attend art classes and piano lessons weekly. I must say that in our house, feast days that are on weekends tend to get shortchanged. On the feast of Saint Nicholas we enjoyed a St. Nicholas tea with St. Nicholas gingerbread cookies and goodies that Mia and I made the day before.

No, I don't own a table cloth. I don't even own a statue of St. Nicholas. I often read other blogs and feel somewhat plain and simple in regards to our dinner table. I see posts like this or this and secretly wish that my house and table were more beautiful. At the same time, I must remind myself not to covet and to rejoice in what I have. We do not have a large home, (actually we rent and will probably never own a home) or a large wallet and that beauty is also found in the simple things. If I can not afford a table cloth or pretty statues or even a tea pot, that is ok. I can be close to our Lord without all of the fancy things. It doesn't make me less of a catholic, a mother or wife. I am sure that Mary did not worry about keeping up with the Jones' or having the most beautiful things for her child. She would have provided with the resources she had and would have rejoiced in God's generosity. This is what I am trying to learn this advent.

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we were very busy. We had gluten free blueberry muffins for breakfast. It seems that without thinking, I make blueberry muffins on every Marian Feast Day. (The same thing happened on the Feast of the Immuculate Conception).

After breakfast, I cut the boys' and dad's hair, showered and bathed everyone and headed out in -34C weather to attend Noah's first piano Recital. We think he played really well, considering he has only been taking lessons since September.


When we came home we made some Mexican Shepherds pie. I would have liked to have had the children make paperbag Tilmas, but I decided to let the children play. It had been a very busy day. A few days earlier, I made a wreath in Our Lady's honour. The card pictured in the centre was actually blessed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and given to me from the organizer of our Rosary Making Group upon return from her pilgrimage to Mexico.

For the Feast of Saint Lucy, we actually didn't do too much. I decided to make my own version of Saint Lucy bread, but forgot to buy candles. We actually ate it as a dessert after supper and not for breakfast. We also rejoiced in knowing that our little niece/cousin, named Lucy who lives in Germany was baptized yesterday. Her parents aren't church goers, but they make sure that their children receive the sacraments. They wanted her to be baptised a week earlier, but as God would have it, they had to wait until the 13th, which happens to be her Patron's Feast Day. God is so Good! St. Lucy, pray for us.

Our Advent has been rather quiet and I am glad that we have been faithful to our Jesse Tree readings every evening and that we have been reading lots of wonderful Advent and Christmas books from the library. We have also rejoiced in our daughter's reception of her first confession on December 5th. In joyful hope, we await our Saviour's birth. We wish your family a blessed and Holy Advent season.


  1. Oh Tina, how lovely! You are doing such a wonderful job with your children. Thank you for the lovely inspiration. Will you share your recipe for st. lucy's bread? (not that I might actually make it LOL.. just like to collect recipes in hopes that one day I will be organized enough to make something in time for a feast day)

  2. The recipe is the same basic bread recipe as the one from the herb and cheese bread. I omit the herbs and cheese and added a little extra sugar, lemon zest, chopped nuts and chopped candied cherries. My husband requested powdered sugar instead of a glaze. It is that simple. It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare. I divided the dough in three parts and braided it. I suggest you do this right on the parchment paper, because we had a really hard time getting it on the baking sheet. Enjoy!


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