Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tree Silhouette

We aren't following any particular art curriculum this year. We love the website ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS. We try to do some of the art from this website every once in a while. I love the different mediums and different techniques used on this particular website. There are always great ideas and many of the projects aren't messy. One reason that we don't do art very often is due to the great deal of work it is to prepare and clean up after some art projects. I think I am allergic to mess when it comes to science experiments and art. I really want my kids to get a well rounded education, so I am praying to overcome the nasty feeling I get when I pull out the art supplies or science experiment stuff. Here is a project that we did using the Tree Silhouette Art Lesson on ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS.

Left to Right (Noah, Maria, Owen - I like his immitation. I didn't let him use sharpies, for obvious reasons. Can you find WALL-E somewhere in his picture?)

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