Monday, November 23, 2009

Ribbon Blankets

Apparently, "Ribbon Blankets" are the latest craze. I had never heard of them before I went shopping at Fabricland looking for material for our Jesse Tree. I was waiting for my material to be cut, when the person behind the counter was explaining that she was cutting material for another woman who was making "Ribbon Blankets". My eyes where obviously saying "???? HUH ?????" She explained what they were and encouraged me to google them.

Ribbon Blankets are small lap blankets for babies, typically 12"x12" or 18"x18". I believe they were invented by two moms who noticed that their babies always suck on the tags of their stuffed animals. Tag blankets are made of two materials sandwiched together with ribbon (usually satin) sewn in along the edges. There are tutorials on the web, so I won't bother writing another one. While I searched for a tutorial, I noticed that the original blankets are patented, oops. Too late, I had already made two. I am not selling these, just making them for personal use and gifts. I had some leftover green fleece and bought some flannel to match and used up some ribbon that I had. One of the blankets is for my unborn baby and the other is for a friend's.

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  1. Those are so cute! A friend made me one when I had Buttercup. I love it so much. I used to wrap her up in it everywhere we went! It was a little bigger, though.


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