Monday, November 9, 2009

Highlights from C Week

We have just finished week C in our journey Along the Alphabet Path. We did a number of exciting and interesting activities. Along with colouring a number of pages, Owen made a collage, did some notebooking for the book Corduroy and worked on his colours and counting. I am trying to get him to say yellow instead of instisting on calling it "star colour."

Owen loves coloring the lovely colouring pages from Kimberlee's Blog Pondered in my Heart.

I introduced Owen to the wonderful world of collage making. I gave him last year's Sears Christmas Catalogue and let him have fun. He cut out cars for his letter "C" collage.

We read Corduroy and found some ideas for making a Corduroy lapbook on the Homeschool Share website. I am sure that I have mentioned before that we notebook now, rather than lapbook. The work is easily stored in three ring binders and receives less abuse that way.

Although, Owen knows most of his colours, we still need to work on colours like beige, gray and of course, yellow. I made him a Turkey File Folder Game last year around this time. He still loves to take it out and sort all of the colours. This time he worked on reciting the poem that is included in the learning folder.

Owen also worked on his letter formation using his Handwriting Without Tears Slate Chalkboard, his favourite gem stones and the tracing material on That Resource Site.

I started making cookie counters for number recognition one night when I couldn't sleep. They aren't all quite finished yet. I have a picture of them cut out below and you can look at the pattern as well as some of the finished product. I have used the pattern suggestion to embroider the numbers on the back side. Owen is just starting to realize that numbers can be written down, just as letters can be. He still asks what letter it is, even if he is referring to a number.

A few of the books we also enjoyed reading this week include:

Christopher`s Harvest Time
Children of the Forest
Clown of God
Saint Colette Along the paths of the Gospel
The Stations of the Cross
Fat Cat on a mat
Canada`s Maple Leaf
M is for Maple: A Canadian Alphabet

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