Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birth of a Monkey

With Advent just around the corner, and Christmas at it's heels, I have been busy trying to make some Christmas gifts for the children and for charity. Last year, we started making Christmas a home made event. Everyone has to think of something they can make for another family member. One of the things I am making this year are Sock Monkeys. I have finished the first one and I have five more started. I plan on putting a few under our parish Christmas Tree for the less fortunate. Every year our parish collects gifts for people of all ages and this year I plan to make two children happy with Sock Monkeys.

Some other things that I am planning to make are (listed under code names because my kids read this over my shoulder):

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
and a few more that I printed out and didn't bookmark. This is what Mia wants to make for the boys.

The kids are very proud of what they make for each other and the gifts are cherished by the recipients. I hope to keep this new tradition going. If you have some ideas for me, let me know. I love to collect patterns and see those little eyes light up. By the way, if anyone knows how to make (sew, crochet or even knit) a white wolf, I could really use the pattern. My oldest is fascinated by white wolves and would love to have one made by mom.

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