Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting the Stash

As usual, I was reading a few of my favourite blogs when I stumbled upon this one. I was really impressed by all of the beautiful things that she has made for her little one due soon. Her baby is going to be so lucky. A bit of jealousy struck. I am not truly jealous, but ashamed that I haven't started making anything for my baby. I can crochet, knit and sew, so there is no excuse why my baby shouldn't have beautiful home made welcoming gifts made by yours truly.

I was particularly interested in her blog post on cloth diapers. I have a stash here somewhere, but after a few kids there aren't too many nice ones. We were thinking of buying a whole stash of these. But at a unit price of $22.95, that would be over $550.00 plus shipping for 24. It is still a lot cheaper than buying disposables until the little one is potty trained. I am so CHEAP!!! I admit it. I am not frugal, but cheap! If I can reuse or recycle, I do.

After hours of research and contemplation, I decided to use the pattern used for the following video.


I had some old burping clothes that weren't so pretty anymore and have been in a box for over 3 years and an old sheet that had been partially used for Mia's quilt batting. I used these to make my first pocket-style cloth diaper.

I have some flannel in my stash that was supposed to be made into pj's that I will use to make 8 more diapers and I have a few flannel duvet covers that are euro sizing and don't fit on North America standard size duvets that I can cut up too. I should be able to make at least a dozen diapers from what I have on hand. I have prefolds in a box somewhere to put in the pockets. I even have a few diaper pins. I just hope that I don't do all the work and find out that the diapers aren't blowout safe. My old cloth diapers were good at preventing blowouts.

I am thinking of adding some sort of absorbent layers on the inside (see Step 2) and adding gussets, but I haven't decided yet. If you have any tips or advice on diapers that you have made, I would be more than happy to hear from you. I am not a professional sewer, I am self-taught. If you have any questions, I will try to do my best to answer them.

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  1. These diapers look great! I have passed on the idea to a friend of mine. I love sewing too but like you, I just don't seem to do it enough!Kathleen


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