Saturday, October 3, 2009

St. Thérèse

It seems as though all of my blogger friends are busy posting wonderful things that they have been doing to celebrate the numerous feast days that have recently occurred. I am sorry to say, that we didn't have the time to celebrate per say, but we did pray. One of our family's favourite saints is St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Especially my daughter and I feel a closeness to her. On her feast day, we had an ultrasound appointment, a piano lesson and registration for reconciliation. I hardly found time to breath that day. It was full of excitement and anxiety. I mentioned that children are not normally allowed to be present at ultrasound appointments in my last post. I prayed to St. Thérèse to send us a rose. I was in disbelief when the ultrasound technician invited the children into the exam with me. It was that easy. I had made up an excuse and a great story on how I was going to get them in with me, but when my name was called I left the children to tend to themselves in the waiting room. I had prepared them a bag of activies and they were more than willing to wait. In complete obedience, my prayer was answered. I didn't create some silly story or anything and I didn't have to lie! Thank you Thérèse. The other moments of anxiety were those leading up to registration for the sacrament of reconciliation. In our parish, First Communion is made in grade 2 and First Reconciliation is made in grade 4. This is how it has been handled in our diocese for years. I was timid to approach our priest to ask for special permission for our 2nd grade daughter to receive the sacrament. I remember how it was when my older son was signing up for his First Communion. We had somehow missed First Reconciliation registration after our recent move to the country. I was oblivious to the fact that such a thing as reverse order of reception of the sacraments. Both my husband and I had received our First Reconciliation prior to receiving First Communion. At the time, our priest was reluctant. My son asked him personally if he could receive the sacrament prior to his first reception of Our Lord. He told the priest that he wanted to receive Jesus with a clean soul. How could the man refuse, right? He didn't, because we are home schoolers and I assured him (the priest) that I had prepared my son. Anyway, to make a long story short, St. Thérèse sent us another rose. The sacramental prep lady saw the registration form and saw that my daughter is only 7 and in grade 2. Her only comment was that I should be aware that First Reconciliation is usually received in grade 4, but it was ok to sign her up anyway. Whew! I felt such a relief. I kept the kids out of bed for this 7:00pm meeting and registration and it wasn't for nothing. After the initiation, I spoke to our pastor and asked his special permission for my daughter's reception of the sacrament and he said, "no problem". I was surprised, but I shouldn't have been. He has gotten to know our family over the past few years. He sees us at daily Mass (on occassion) and at adoration. He knows we homeschool and that our children are being brought up in the faith. But he shares something more that than with our family, especially our boys... a birthday. Yes, our pastor's birthday and the birthday of both of our boys is on the same day! And to think that God had this all planned out. I sometimes doubt my faith and the power of the intercession of Mary or the saints. I need to learn trust and the feast of St. Thérèse reminded me of this. I just need to have more faith. Thanks again St. Thérèse for the roses you sent us on your feast day. They meant so much to us. St. Thérèse, pray for us.

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