Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letter A Week

We are once again starting to follow Along the Alphabet Path. This time it is with the four year old. He has just begun to take an interest in letters and tries to imitate his older siblings. We began the Alphabet Path last fall, but it was not really age appropriate, but the older kids liked to do the coloring and listen to the story. Although, Owen is interested in letters, we are not bombarding him with all of the possibilities or suggestions that go along with this curriculum. We are doing a very simple version of the Alphabet Path.

A is for Saint Anne and Apple Blossom Fairy

A is for Adam

A is for Always Ask and Airplanes

A is for Alphabet

A is for Apple Puff Pancakes

Saint Anne Coloring Page
Alphabet Fairy Coloring Book
Bible Coloring Pages
Alphabet Tracing Pages
Always Ask Coloring Page

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