Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birth Art ~ 21 Weeks

I have borrowed Pam England's book "Birthing From Within" from my midwife. Pam writes about using birth art as a means of preparing for labour, birth and parenthood. Looking at the pictures a mom-to-be has created, helps the explore how she sees herself, the birth that lies ahead as well as her strengths and weaknesses. I have been pondering the things that she revealed to me through her book. I am not an artist and was afraid of what my picture might reveal about me. I began with the drawing of the PREGNANT WOMAN.

Pam writes: " Using the Pregnant Woman drawing I explore the pregnant women's self image: how they perceive their physical and psychological being in pregnancy or as mothers... Parents' portrayal of Pregnant Woman creates a mirror in which their self image and beliefs are reflected, allowing them to be seen clearly for the first time."

The following is the picture that I drew. I know what it means to me, but I was wondering if you would tell me what you see. This activity should be done in a group, but with my dh out of town for most of the last few months and the next, it is difficult to attend a class. I would appreciate your honest opinions of what you see. Thank you.

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  1. tina, it's beautiful... what do you mean you aren't an artist?? I love it.I'm not one of those good art-interpreters though LOL... but here's my impressions for what it's worth: Very peaceful and carrying a special gift... hth :-)


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