Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Brave New Hair Cut

I promised my dear husband that I would blog the following. I got one of those uber modern razor hair cuts way back in March after I was getting headaches from my long mane. It looked nice for the first two weeks, but it grew out pretty shaggy. I was sick of the shabby look and well, I hate to spend money on a hair cut that we can't really afford, so I asked my dearest to cut my hair. He is not a hair stylest, he is a painter. He has an eye for detail and is a craftsman of sorts, so why not give it a try. I just wanted a plain bob, all one length. I am not a fashion diva and didn't really care as long as it didn't look too bad. I grew up with a salon next to our kitchen, so I own hair stylist's scissors and know a little about cutting hair. I walked him through the steps and this is how I turned out...

The hair is all one length and still fits in a ponytail. I can't believe that he actually cut my hair and did such a great job. I don't exactly think he should change professions, but I may never have to pay for a haircut again.

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