Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michaelmas and Flying Kites

When we lived in Germany, we celebrated Michaelmas with kite flying. Our two oldest children visited a Waldorf Kindergarten for the mornings and had a lovely rhythm. Every year the children looked forward to "Michaeli" because they got to go to a local farmer's field and fly kites and sing songs. Afterwards, the teachers had a huge scale set up. Each child had a chance to take an apple of one of the sides of the scale. Every second child tried to bring this scale back into balance. It represents what Saint Michael did for Heaven, he brought back justice and balance. With daddy being gone tonight, we had to do our kite-flying last evening after dinner. We really wanted to fly a kite, but never brought our kites from Germany with us. With no kite, there wouldn't be much of a kite-flying session, now would there. Luckily good ole Walmart, had one kite left in stock and to the boys' and daddy's thrill, it was a kite in the shape of an X-Wing. So after dinner, we went to the local community soccer field / school grounds to fly our kite and kick around a soccer ball. It was almost too windy at times, and not windy enough at others, but dad and the kids managed to get the kite up pretty high. I unfortunately didn't get the chance to fly the kite, I was too busy playing soccer and playing air traffic controller. When the kite took a nose dive, look out! I had to rescue the little one or tell him where to stand. Up in the air, the X-Wing really looked like flames were coming out the back. The kids would say it was "awesome"! I can't wait until daddy comes home again on the weekend, so we can do that again. That is if it isn't snowing or something.

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