Friday, September 25, 2009

Living Room Makeover

Room by room we are repainting the whole house. With a husband who is a painter, this is no serious or dangerous task. My husband had offered to help some friends do some painting in their newly renovated house. On the day he was to go, we got a phone call about some interruptions they were experiencing and that they had to cancel. My husband was ready to work after work and decided that if they don't need him, then he can paint the living room in our house. He had a pail of paint leftover from one of the projects at work, so he brought out the brushes and rollers and got to work. The first coat was on in a few short hours and the second coat was finished the next evening. Voila, a new paint job. We rearranged some furniture and are enjoying the newly renovated space. Here are some pictures of our newly renovated living room.

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