Friday, September 25, 2009

A New Quilt and Pillow for Mia

I was on a mission to finish a quilt in two days. My kids know that when I start a quilt, they should not get too excited because it usually takes a few years for me to finish it. I discovered the wonder of rag quilt making, when I made my new tote (check the previous post). It is quick and looks pretty nice. It is not my favourite type of quilt, as I prefer making a beautiful quilt top and spending years quilting in the little stitches that hold it together by hand. Anyone can make a rag quilt. Just google "rag quilt" and you will find hundreds of how-to's. I still had some nice material in my stash and bought a few new patterns to match to make my daughter's new quilt. It is backed with fleece that I bought in Germany a few years ago, the front is different cotton and broadcloths and instead of quilt batting I used and old flannel sheet. My machine would have went into a frenzy with quilt batting. Nonetheless, I finished it and it reminds me of going to a cabin. It is very rustic and humble looking. She loves it and that is all that matters. I wanted to make her a cute pillow to match. I searched the www and found a few quilt blocks that used up the rest of the quilt stash to make a cute pillow. Now if only I could finish the baby quilt before the baby is born and the Christmas wall hanging before Christmas, I am doing well.

Mia in the media room in the basement.

The pillow modeled on the master bed (her bed wasn't made lol).

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