Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday in Nature

I would love to spend more time on nature walks, but we somehow don't get to it. The sub-zero temperatures in the winter cause me to cringe and with no (second) vehicle, we don't get to see nature very often. We live in the suburbs and you generally have all the same types of vegetation and birds to observe everywhere you look. We do live close to a provincial park, but it is not within walking distance. This Sunday we finally made it to the Fish Creek provincial park for some family bonding time. We had a lot of fun and hope to visit it more.

After our visit to the park, my husband had the great of idea of window shopping for cars. We don't Sunday shop unless it is an absolute emergency. Ok, so we didn't really window shop, but we did drive to the used car dealer where we bought our car to see if they had any great deals. We didn't expect them to be open, but they were. We were looking for more room and more seats in the hopes of expanding our family. One particular van caught my husband's eye and was right in our price range. It was a red GMC Safari 8 seater van. Ok it is old and has almost 250,000km on it, but we aren't into new and fancy anyway. Mom needs a taxi and this van is great. Lots of room in comparison to our VW Jetta. The first thing Noah said was, "Mom now we can go to daily Mass and Holy Hour!" Precisely what I was thinking. We try to attend daily Mass as often as we can, weather permitting of course. Children's Holy Hour has not been attended to often this past winter because of the -20C weather we had on most Fridays during our very long winter. This spring they have had thunderstorm warning and rain on most of the Fridays. I don't want to risk getting caught in it. We did last year and the kids were so frightened. I can't do that again. So you see, we need a van. We also need a few more kids to fill it. My littles have been praying for twins. I really hope for more, but twins??? Well, an ept was faintly positive yesterday, so who knows? Could I really be pregnant again? Please say a little prayer.

So here are some picture of our wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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  1. oh how exciting! I'll pray for you today. I love fish creek park, but haven't been there in years and years. Thanks for the good idea!


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