Saturday, June 6, 2009

Small Successes

I haven't posted any small success for a long time because I frankly didn't feel very successful. This week I think I should try to at least look like I did a few things right.

1. I help Mia with her violin almost everyday this week. She didn't need help yesterday and I think we missed one day otherwise. She just started taking Suzuki violin lesson and hasn't wanted to practise very much. We gave her an ultimatum last weekend and told her if she doesn't practise more we will cancel lessons. Well, she practises more, but I still have to help. I don't mind if it isn't like pulling teeth.
2. We have been really had to household our money lately. My husband's job has been just barely paying the bills. We try really hard to budget and still have food on the table. We are doing ok. That is something. Dh is starting a new job on Monday, I hope the purse strings loosen up a little, eventually.
3. I planned this coming year's school year for all three kids. I made up my own preschool program for the littlest and bought books for the two oldest. They all want to start school in two weeks. We made a plan to school year round (3 weeks school, one week off with more time off in December and at Easter). I finally feel confident in my teaching the kids and that is a small success of its own.

What are your successes? Follow the link to see more small successes and to write your own.

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  1. Small success #1: Actually called my brother on his birthday.Small Success #2: Finished this year's homeschool curriculum with my daughter.Small success #3: Took good care of my mother-in-law while she was visiting


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