Monday, June 29, 2009

Mia's First Recital

Yesterday marked the day of Mia's first violin recital. It was in the backyard of her teacher's house. She started lessons in April and is progressing along quite well. We even cancelled her lessons for a few weeks because she refused to practise. A few days after we cancelled her lessons, she started practising again. Yeah! She had her final lesson a day before her recital and realized that she actually really likes violin and wants to continue on in the fall. She loves her teacher (who is amazing, by the way) and doesn't want to let her down. After the recital, both boys expressed a deep longing to take lessons. We do have a smaller violin thanks to uncle C that Owen has played on three times today. That is a novelty that will wear off, I'm sure. Well, before I go on and on like a proud mom, here is the video of her first recital. She was in hurry to get out of the spotlight, thus the somewhat strange final few bars. Enjoy!

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