Friday, June 19, 2009

An Interesting Find

I found this old photograph tucked in a frame behind one of the wedding photos below. I had no idea it was there and we got the frame as a wedding gift, so I truly don't know how it got there. I wanted to share it anyway. This picture is of my grandmother and late grandfather with 8 of their children. One was already in heaven and two were yet to be born. There are also two set of twins, can you find them? One of them is also my mom. Do you have photos like this packed away somewhere? I love looking at the older photographs. My grandmother has literally tons of pictures and when we come to visit, she show us them all (or as many as possible).


  1. Dh's parents passed away last year. My sil gave us some photos of their parents and all of the kids when they were little. My dh is 12 years younger than his oldest sister, so there's quite an age gap. There were also photos of dh's grandparents on both sides and his parents as kids.I'm betting it's the two little girls about 5 and the babies are the 2 sets of twins!Happy Anniversary too.

  2. Those photos are so precious. I noticed that my youngest two actually make the exact same face as mother on the photo. One set of twins was right (the babies). Both sets are paternal.


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