Thursday, April 30, 2009

Passover Pictures

I know this is being posted really late, but I couldn't help it. I want to share the pictures of our passover meal. I had fun looking for gluten free recipes for this special meal. Up until Holy Thursday, I didn't know if I was actually going to pull this meal off. I am very spontaneous when it comes to planning feasts to celebrate. If I think I can pull off a great meal, then I do. If for some reason everything gets crazy, I never feel bad because I didn't put hours of preparation into planning. On the passover table:

Gluten Free Matzah crackers
Ashkenazic Apple-Nut Haroset
Honey Golden Chicken - Sabra Style
Horiatiki (Greek Villagers Salad)
Chocolate Chip Macaroons

All of these recipes were suggested on Jewish Gluten-Free websites. Unfortunately, I can't remember which ones. I do not claim to have had an authentic passover seder meal. Our meal was purely symbolic and was enjoyed at the coffee table in the living room watching Prince of Egypt.

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