Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trying Not To Panic

The car is in the shop and it is our only means of transportation. It is already going to cost around $500 and we still don't know if the motor is damaged. If it is damaged, then we need a new motor and that will cost tons of $$$ (my 3 yr. old's favourite saying). Right now we are so strapped for cash. About a month ago, we received a letter from the government. They reassessed our 2007 income tax and realized that they refunded us just short of $2500 too much. They gave us two weeks to come up with the money. We were debt free for the first time of our married life for three weeks when we received this huge bill. It was such a great feeling to be debt free. We had to pay using our line of credit and now the car. With the recession in the States, investors are holding back their money. My husband is working in a trade that depends on these investors. Right now the project they are working on is in full swing, but will be finished in March or April. They are waiting for the confirmation on the bids they have made for future projects. I don't even want to know what will happen if he gets laid off. Incurring debts is not something I prefer to do right now. All I can do now is have enough faith and to pray that God will provide.

I have a Steiff teddy bear collection that is worth a bit of money. I was doing some research on what some of the bears are possibly worth. The bears I have are mostly limited edtion bears and worth a lot. My only problem is figuring out how or where to sell them. If you know anyone who collects Steiff teddy bears, please direct them here. Does anyone know if you can sell things directly from your blog? I am not sure of the regulations.

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