Friday, February 20, 2009


We love to notebook and lapbook and be very creative. We use the Charlotte Mason Method of teaching/learning in our home for most of our subjects. This requires the children to learn using living books and have them narrarate what they have learned. I have found that this is not only an effective way of learning, but a most rewarding one. Noah has become quite talented and thorough in his narrations. Mia gets easily frustrated because she can't remember all of the details as well as her brother. She likes to draw, but hates to write. I started using free notebooking pages from several websites to make narrarating a little more appealing to her. Here are a few sources that I find helpful:

Notebooking Nook
Notebooking Pages
Our Los Banos Homeschool

The minimum of what I expect from her for the time being is a picture (drawn by her, cut out of a magazine or a colouring page) and a few key sentences about what we have read. Sometimes we just use key sentences from the book and use them as copywork. To me, it is important that she retains the information. When she doesn't write things down or draw a picture, she forgets the whole story, lesson or whatever we were working on. Girls love to make things pretty, as does Mia and this has been the key to her success in retaining information. The only drawback so far is that we can't always find notebooking pages (FOR FREE) that correspond to what we are learning. Luckily I have stumbled upon a really neat and have just created my first notebooking page for our upcoming study of Franz Liszt. What do you think?

You can use this notebooking page, but for personal use only. Not for retail sale.

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